Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

ANOA is proud to announce we obtain life insurance for all members in good standing. The policy is for $5,000 for each member and if you die in the line of duty, your beneficiary will receive $10,000. The policy is included in the membership dues and the only requirement is current membership in the association.

There are no applications to fill out; the insurance company will accept you as qualified from the A.N.O.A. rolls. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you are listed properly on our membership lists. It is also suggested to keep any receipts showing you are a current dues paying member. There is also a dismemberment clause that comes with the policy.  Be sure to keep this on file and advise those who need to know how to process the claim, if something happens to you. This is extremely inexpensive insurance, and well worth keeping your dues current.